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Neurofeedback Technician 

  • Job Type: Independent contractor
  • Pay: 80-100 ILS per hour
  • Schedule: Sunday to Friday
  • Full Time Opportunity: Yes
  • Work Location: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem

Galim clinic in Israel offers brain assessment and training for children and adults who are looking to improve executive functions and/or emotional/cognitive conditions.

This position will allow you to work with cutting edge brain training technology by becoming trained in neurofeedback; a clinically proven approach to brain health and care.


We use neurofeedback therapy in conjunction with a number of other research-based treatments to help clients take control of their symptoms and re-train their brain.

Job Description 

This independent contractor position includes providing neurofeedback training, under supervision of a qualified clinician, to adults and children.

The technician will be trained in and provide neurofeedback services (4 channel, 19 channel, amplitude training, etc.) and data collection for qualitative electroencephalograms (QEEGs) using a 19 channel cap.


Administers qEEG guided neurofeedback brain training and brain entrainment to adults and children with emotional, learning and stress related disorders.

  • Collect QEEG data for interpretation and translation into a brain map

  • Assumes responsibility for the execution of the Neurofeedback training plan

  • Coordinates scheduling of appointments and keeps track of sessions delivered to plan

  • Manages patients and their progress

  •  Keeps track of patient’s dietary changes affecting their brain and changes in medication use

  • Tracks, charts and monitors patient’s training sessions and symptomatic progress

  •  Reviews patient progress and training effectiveness with practice manager

  • Responsible for entering session notes within established treatment record system and documentation timelines

Desired skills and experience

  • Experience working with children, adolescents and adults with neurological or neurodevelopmental conditions.

  • Experience providing neurofeedback desired but not required

  • Excellent listening skills

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

  • Excellent interpersonal relationship, facilitation, and service management skills.

  • Can work independently and loves responsibility

  • Strong multi-tasking skills

  •  Strong organizational and planning skills

  • Feels comfortable with hands-on therapy

  • Computer savvy and proficient in navigating Windows environments and applications such as MS Office


  • Applicants should possess the following minimum qualifications:

  • Demonstrable experience with neuroanatomy and psychology/psychotherapy, including an undergraduate degree or higher (such as a neuroscience degree). This may be waived for someone pursuing a related degree (such as behavioural science, biology, neurology, psychology, medical assistant).


Desired but not mandatory educational background

  • Understanding of neurophysiology and neuroanatomy

  • Understanding of how nutrition affects the brain

  • Understanding of EEG brain waves and functions

  • Understanding of or experience with qEEG brain mapping

  • Understanding of or experience with qEEG guided neurofeedback brain training

How to apply

Please email the following documents:

1. A cover letter that addresses these questions in less than 250 words:

  • Describe your experience with brain sciences/ therapy/ psychology.

  • Goals for yourself for the next two years

  • Your experience working with people adults and children with emotional, learning and stress related disorders, and/or your passion for it.


2. A resume or CV

How to apply
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