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לשחזור מצב של איזון אנרגטי והגברת תפקוד אנרגטי אופטימאלי.

Vision Quest

130.00 ₪מחיר
  • You have entered the Sacred Circle and are surrounded by tribal elders as your vision quest begins…Spiritual drumming echoes into the depths of your soul as your energy merges with All That Is. “U-Tao-Chi” is a unique integration of sacred Native American drumming combined with newly translated rhythmic healing patterns from the ancient Chinese I-Ching hexagrams. Restore energetic balance and enhance your well-being with the harmonizing effects of this powerful fusion of Hemi-Sync® and shamanic drumming performed by Kieran DeVerniero, an Elder in the Native American church. Instruments featured: udu, various drums & percussion, shekere, wood claves, shakers, and synthesizers. Length: 67 minutes

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