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לחיבור אל מרכז העוצמה הפנימית, לצורך מעבר נפשי ורגשי אל מעבר לגבולות הזמן והמקום.

Spirit Gathering

130.00 ₪מחיר
  • Cross boundaries of time and space with the primordial shamanic percussion of Byron Metcalf and Hemi-Sync®. Originally released as Not Without Risk, this multi-dimensional classic has been re-sequenced for its release as Spirit Gathering. The organic rhythms of this tribal tour de force will guide you to a center of primal power, from which all mysticism is born, and challenge you to push the boundaries of your own reality. Instruments featured: drums and percussion, flutes, ocarinas, didgeridoo, synthesizers & keyboards, voice, sonic atmospheres, and nature sounds. Length: 73 minutes

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