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סדרה המיועדת לתמיכה ולווי חולים סופניים, והמשפחה המלווה אותם. מלווה בהדרכה באנגלית.

Going home

920.00 ₪מחיר
  • The Going Home series was developed in collaboration with the late Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Robert A. Monroe and Dr. Charles Tart. The series consists of two CD albums (available separately), one for the Subject and one for the Support Group. For the purpose of this series, one who is in the last and irreversible stages of a terminal illness or injuries is called the Subject. Those in close loving and family contact with the Subject, plus caregivers, are called the Support Group. Going Home Subject exercises can reduce dramatically the common fear of physical death and assist the Subject to control calmly the sequence of this critical event allowing it to be one of peace and dignity. The exercises provide valuable knowledge achieved through direct experience to include the surety that one is more than the physical body and that one does survive physical death. A detailed Guidance Manual is included.

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