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תרגיל מודרך להתרגעות עמוקה לצלילה אל שינה רגועה תוך התנתקות מדאגות חיי היום יום.

מלווה בהדרכה באנגלית.

Deep 10 relaxation

130.00 ₪מחיר
  • Abandon your cares as verbal guidance and Hemi-Sync® transport you to a blissful state of total relaxation followed by natural, restful sleep. Deep 10 Relaxation is a highly effective, time-proven means to counteract the negative effects of stress in your life. Anxiety and daily concerns seem to float away as you move into progressively deeper states of mental and physical calm. Track/Side 1 contains verbal guidance; Track/Side 2 continues your sleep cycle without words. Be kind to yourself. Use the popular Deep 10 Relaxation to rejuvenate both mind and body and leave your cares behind. (Mind Food – Track/Side 1 – Verbal; Track/Side 2 – Non-verbal – 64 minutes)

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